What Do Mommy Makeover Surgeons Do?

Posted by Abdom on Friday Mar 28, 2014 Under Abdominoplasty Guide

Linda Maxwell If you have ever had children, you know how much of an impact pregnancy and child birth can have on your body. Although you probably love being a mom, you might miss the look that your body had before you ever got pregnant. Even though many people might think that a woman’s body can never be the same after pregnancy, talking to mommy makeover surgeons is a wonderful way to gain self-confidence again.

What Procedures Do Mommy Makeover Surgeons Provide?

As you probably already know, pregnancy and labor can put a strain on different parts of your body. Therefore, surgeons who offer mommy makeovers perform different types of procedures to help different parts of your body. For example, you might opt for breast augmentation or a breast lift to help with any sagging that may have come from breast feeding. Mommy makeover surgeons also offer tummy tucks, liposuction and other procedures that can help you restore your body to its pre-baby shape.

Is a Mommy Makeover for You?

If you have had children, you might be contemplating whether a mommy makeover is right for you. However, some women don’t need these procedures. If your body has mostly restored to its original shape after diet and exercise, you might not want to seek out one of these procedures. It also isn’t necessary if you’re content with the way that your body looks after giving birth to your children.

If you have tried diet and exercise and just can’t seem to get your stomach back in shape after having a baby, or if you are otherwise unhappy or uncomfortable with the way that your body looks and feels, mommy makeover surgeons can help. These procedures aren’t just about how you look; they’re also about helping you feel your best after going through the miracles of child birth.

How to Find Mommy Makeover Surgeons

The term “mommy makeover” simply refers to the various procedures that many women seek after having children, and they are all pretty standard surgeries, such as tummy tucks and breast augmentations. Therefore, any good plastic surgeon who has experience with these types of procedures can probably handle your surgery for you. However, mommy makeover surgeons are experienced at talking to moms about what they want to gain from their makeovers, so talking to someone who is experienced in this area can help you choose the procedures that will provide you with the results that you’re looking for.

When seeking a surgeon for your mommy makeover, make sure that you look for someone who is board certified. In the United States, you should look for someone who has a certification through the American Board of Plastic Surgery; if you live in another country, you should find out which certifications are standard for plastic surgeons in your area. You should also look for a surgeon who is professional, has a good reputation and will sit down and talk to you about your needs, what you want to gain from your makeover and about what to expect from your procedures. Truthfully, choosing the right surgeon and the right procedures will have a major impact on how pleased you will be after your surgeries have been completed.