Hair Transplant Surgery

Posted by Abdom on Friday Mar 28, 2014 Under Abdominoplasty Guide

Hair transplant surgery is the holy grail of baldness. You are ready to cough out the cash an experienced hair transplant surgeon will demand, you can spend your life as if no strand of hair was missing from your head. Hair transplant surgery is a relief for many and it is not a very complex procedure. The hair transplant surgeon will get some hair follicles from an area with lots of hair and place them in holes on bald skin. If these follicles survive, hair will grow back but if they die, you might need further surgery. The surgeon might use a scalpel or a punch graft to transplant your hair.

If you try hair transplant surgery seattle and it fails the first time you don’t need to fret. This doesn’t mean you can’t get hair back but that you have to try again and again to get the hair coverage you need. This might even take two years to and from the doctors.

This is why all patients are advised to seek qualified and duly licensed surgeons for the job. Failure to do so might be the worst nightmare for you. A bad hair transplant job often leaves you with patches and even worse. You might suffer excessive bleeding or an infection in the hands of amateur hair transplant surgeons. Do extensive background checks and never be afraid to ask about the experience of your surgeon. It can be difficult for the ordinary guy out there to identify a good hair transplant surgeon especially if they are desperate. This is because of cunning people out there who will forge their papers to make them look like they are the best hair transplant surgeon that ever lived.

To help you choose the right surgeon who will not compromise your safety, here are a few tips;

To tell if a person is as good as they claim to be, you must see their work. An artist cannot prove his worth by the word but by the stroke of his brush and so does the surgeon.

Ask for pictures of his past work and if possible, the contacts of those patients. Only then can you meet them and ascertain for a fact that the surgeon did a good job.

During your meeting with the former patient be sure t look for some signs of a good hair transplant surgery. Check their hairline from side to side and if you do not notice any oddity, the job was great and you can sign up for a hair transplant.

Look at the scars left where the follicles were removed. If it is too obvious, jilt the surgeon and look for another one. Hair transplant surgeons work as a team to graft thousands of follicles. This makes it very crucial that they work in tandem.

The best way to know if you have a strong team is by finding out how ling they have worked together. This might actually be the difference between ‘bye bye baldness’ to a bad hair day all your life!